The 2014 brochure can be downloaded here.

The brochure describes the CSA program in detail as well as providing the sign-up form for the 2014 season. If you have any questions about it please email us. (found on CONTACT page)

We’re running our CSA program a little different from the classic program. It goes something like this:

You’ll still pay in advance for your share giving the farm working capital for the spring but what’s different is that you’ll receive Blue Fox Bucks to be used at any of the Farmer’s Markets we attend. Because you pay in advance for the produce you’ll be receiving a 5-15 percent discount depending on how many “bucks” you buy.

If you pay $95, you’ll receive $100 in Bucks. (2 cards)
If you pay $225, you’ll receive $250 in Bucks. (5 cards)
If you pay $440, you’ll receive $500 in Bucks. (10 cards)

If you pay in full for a full share($500) by May 1, 2014 you pay $425

The other great thing is you don’t have to wait for the the CSA season to start. It starts when we start market- which will be first of March. We’ll have a blog post and I’ll email everyone the week before we begin markets again. Once we’re there just stop by, find the veggies you’ve been hunting for, and hand over your card. We’ll mark off the amount you’ve spent and your remaining balance. If you use your cards up, as long as we still have some available for the season, you can sign up for more. If not, you can always shop with us at the normal market price.

This new CSA system has worked really well for everyone over the last 6 years. Hope you enjoy it!